Episode 8: A Dogwalker's Christmas Tale

You love dogs? Too bad! There are barely any in this movie! And there are barely any jokes! It's really bad! Join Katie and Amanda as they go on a journey with Mean Girls' Aaron Samuels and his costar, a baked potato.

We’re joined this week by comedian Arti Gollapudi. She’s brilliant!


Episode 7: Holiday in Handcuffs

In the grand tradition of Snowglobe, ABC Family delivered us all with a gift in December of 2007. Mario Lopez and Melissa Joan Heart made the dream team in a Christmas comedy about a woman kidnapping a man and holding him hostage. Such a cute and fun premise for a rom com!

We really enjoy ripping this one to shreds with our dear friend David Tarafa, Austin comic artist and Mario Lopez fan.

Find David Tarafa’s work at BethComics.com. He’s an amazing artist!


Episode 6: Merry Kissmas

This one we chose on title alone! Merry Kissmas is a 2015 piece of hot trash available on Netflix. We talked about kissing, Christianity, and low-budget Christmas decorations with our dear friend Lucy Breidenthal, who is a talented religious and social justice educator. She’s extraordinary, this movie is not.

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MerryKissmas copy.jpg

Episode 5: Christmas Town

Christmas Town is a REAL classic. This was really what The North Hole was made for. We’re covering the blandest of the bland here. There are two protagonists that have zero chemistry. And quite the horrible son character who looks like a ‘90’s lesbian (not mad at this let me tell you). Don’t worry, baby, Santa’s got a great cameo.

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Episode 4: Snowglobe

There are a few episodes on this ‘cast where we get to profile movies that we actually LOVE. Snowglobe starring Christina Milian is one of them. The premise is from a Twilight Zone episode: Woman goes into a snow globe to escape her life. The choices that Director Ron Lagomarsino baffle me to this day. We’re joined by comedian Sherm Jacobs for the ‘cast and I’ll tell you what— he wasn’t a fan!

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Episode 3: Gingerdead Man

Gingerdead Man: He’s an aggressive lil’ fella that’s out to get ya! We watched Gingerdead Man and there was a whole lot of yelling about baked goods for this one. Comedian and Jew-About-Town KT Behrmann and Filmmaker and Christmas Queen Amanda Justice argue about baking techniques and murder techniques. The North Hole welcomed a special guest this week— comedian and improv star Matthew Ramage. Do yourself a favor and watch this gem (it’s only an hour long!) and then tune in.

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Episode 2: Santa with Muscles

I can’t really tell you what happens in Santa with Muscles. It was kind of everything. And nothing. But god we had fun watching it. Comedian and Jew About Town KT Behrmann and Filmmaker and Christmas Queen Amanda Justice break down the the film (can I even call this a film?!) Santa with Muscles. Our biggest point of agreement was on how good Amanda would look in a sleeveless Santa suit.

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Episode 1: A Christmas Prince

Is Christmas almost here? Kind of! But let’s get into the spirit anyway!

Comedian and Jew About Town KT Behrmann and Filmmaker and Christmas Queen Amanda Justice break down the Netflix original film A Christmas Prince. This film had it all: Christmas orphans, a Tiny Tim Character, fun Gay Villains, and, of course, plenty of flirting in fake snow. What’s not to love? We’ll be leading you through every delicious second of this modern classic.

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Don’t worry, your Christmas Prince is on his way!

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We’re comin’ at you with 2 FRESH EPISODES every week til 12.24. By then you’ll just be a pile of mush filled with sweet potato casserole and on Grindr hunting for your Christmas Goose. We’ll definitely get TAKEN OUT BY THE HALLMARK CHANNEL before this thing is through.


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